Expense Account *


Oct. 1-------Ad for female secretary-----------------$20.00

Oct. 4-------Violets for new secretary------------------ 8.50

Oct. 6-------Week's salary for new secretary---------350.00

Oct. 9-------Roses for secretary------------------------25.00

Oct. 10-------Candy for wife-----------------------------8.95

Oct. 13-------Lunch for secretary-----------------------25.00

Oct. 15-------Week's salary for secretary---------------500.00

Oct. 16-------Movie tickets for wife and self--------------17.00

Oct. 18-------Theater tickets for secretary and self------200.00

Oct. 19-------Ice cream sundae for wife---------------------4.95

Oct. 22-------Mary's salary-------------------------------900.00

Oct. 23-------Champagne and dinner for Mary & self------150.00

Oct. 25-------Doctor for stupid secretary-----------------3500.00

Oct. 26-------Mink stole for wife--------------------------7200.00

Oct. 28-------Ad for male secretary--------------------------25.00

Total expenses for month 12,934.40


Instructions: Read and discuss the above text, in terms of its historical, social, feminist, cultural, Marxist, and formalist contexts.


*Based upon material that originally appeared in: Ralph W. Rader, "Fact, Theory, and Literary Explanation," Critical Inquiry, 1 (December, 1974), 251. Tweaked by Jerry Siegel.